Beware! Fake Food From China Consumers Must Avoid

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From gadgets to trinkets, China can do it all! And now, they’ve ventured into the food industry and came up with these ingenious but could sometimes be misleading food. Check them out to know what they are so the next time you are in China, you’ll know best to be aware of what they’re made of.


Fake Beef Meat

This meat soldas beef in markets are actually made of rats! A 3-month operation by the Chinese police accumulated almost 20,000 tons of this fake meat. To make them look new, the meat is injected with water from time to time. Ugh! You don’t like eating meat, do you?



Fake Wine

According to a report of China Central Television, 50% of all the wine sold in China is fake. To counter the tactics of wine makers, the Guangdong Provincial Testing Center was created to test the fake wines from authentic ones. Many wine companies have shown support to the legislature to track makers of fake wine.



Rotten Rice Noodles

These fake rice noodles are made out of spoiled, stale, and rotten grains which are already bound to be animal feeds. The spoiled riceare dyed and are then blended with additives such as sulfur dioxide, which can cause cancer. The sad news is that a large number of rice noodles producers are involved in the scheme. They produce 500,000 kilograms of fake rice noodles every day. That’s quite a number!

Chinese Food - Rice noodles

Steam Buns Made From Cardboard Boxes

Hidden cameras by the Chinese state television reveals that cardboard boxes are being recycled and are used in place of meat in steam buns.




At first glance, they look like normal nuts. But when opened up, you’ll find a rock or a concrete piece lodged inside the shells. These are mostly sold by street vendors who want to maximize their profit by selling the counterfeit the fake unshelled nuts and the nutmeat separately.



Fake Rice

Made from potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic, fake rice exactly looks like ordinary rice before it is cooked.Yet after a while, the grain stays hard and is hardly chewable. With this fake rice soon to spread out, China has indeed gone too far with its counterfeiting schemes.




Fake Cabbage

This cabbage look-alike is creativity taken to the next level. Or is it still fakery? Don’t be fooled as this cabbage which were found in Shandong area are infused with formaldehyde. What a pity to think majority of those who purchased these items were those who can’t afford to buy the real one. What a bargain they’ve made!

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Fake Pork

After a report about  a woman who purchased a kilo of pork from a wet market and discovered it to “glow” while she left it sitting in her kitchen, the Changsha Food Safety Commission investigated the strange phenomena. Through scientific bacteria cultivation separation, experts discovered that the cause why the pork was glowing a blue gleam was caused by secondary bacterial contamination, specifically a phosphorescent bacteria.



Fake Milk

After the Melamine Milk Scandal in China in 2009, many Chinese kids and babies got sick. 40,000 were treated as out-patients, 14,000 were treated in different hospitals, and 4 babies died. Adding melamine to the watered-down milk increases the “protein” content of milk.



Fake Chicken Eggs

These chicken eggs are made of coagulants, starch and resin with the shell being made out of wax, calcium carbonate, and gypsum powder. Consumption of these fake eggs may lead to memory loss.




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