Brazilian Beauty Looks Like Disney Frozen Princess Elsa – But There Is A Huge Downside

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A vet from Blumenau, Brazil, Andressa Damiani, has similar attributes to the Disney character from Frozen, Elsa, but many people are simply terrified by her doll-looking face. She uses contact lenses to imitate the wide-eyed look of a doll.

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Although many people notice her for having similarities with Elsa, Andressa claimed that she would not bother herself with putting on heavy makeup, dieting, and exercise.

She only wears light makeup on a daily basis and only do walking for her dogs’ sake. Even without all the praises she receives, she knows she has always looked like a pretty doll since she was young.

People are both terrified and happy to meet her on the streets. She gets a lot of lovely messages, oftentimes from her fans, but others are quite afraid to look at her because she looks so much like a walking and talking doll.

During her childhood, Andressa used to be bullied and alienated because of her very delicate looks, so she would spend her playtime only with her dolls. It led to insecurities while growing up.

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