Brilliant Kitchen Hack for a Soft and Summer-Ready Feet


Are your feet flip-flop ready this summer?

Tabitha Blue from KitchenWise has a perfect solution for you calloused and dry feet without the need of going to the salon or spending bucks for foot scrub. All you need to do is open your kitchen cabinets and grab a pack of baking soda and milk.

To get started, you need to warm two to four cups of milk and put in in a bowl big enough for your feet. Soak your feet into the bowl for around five minutes, lactic acid from the milk helps exfoliate the skin from your soles. After five minutes, rub the baking soda on your feet to soften calluses and soak your feet into the milk mixture again.

That’s it, a simple kitchen hack that will give your feet the right attention they need especially this summer. Watch the video below from Tabitha for the step-by-step tutorial before you head to the kitchen and grab a cup of milk.

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