The 107-Year-Old Who ‘Never Drank Water’ and Consumes 4 Bottles of Wine Every Day Instead

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We all yearn to know the secret to living a long and fruitful life. Well, let this 107-year-old man teach you.

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Antonio Docampo Garcia is one of the  world’s living centenarians, and he is about to share the secret of living in this world for so long. Lo and behold, his secret is about to astound you.


Garcia, who has unfortunately passed away but lived seven years beyond the 100 mark, has been drinking four bottles of red wine each day. He has been quoted of drinking two bottles in the morning and another two during dinner. Garcia gets his supply from his very own vineyard in Vigo, Northwest of Spain, and we’re not sure how credible his claim is, but the man has added that he has never even touched a drop of water.


While we do need to consider the fact that Garcia’s wine is chemical free and homegrown, it is a pretty cool concept. But we’re not going to encourage anyone to start treating wine as a permanent replacement for water, so don’t take this too seriously. Besides, this could be just some marketing strategy to promote the family’s Bodegas Docampos wine company.

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