This Couple Has Spent Almost $300,000 on Surgery to Look Like Barbie and Ken


A couple have spent more than $288,000 dollars on cosmetic surgery so that they can look like their idols, Ken and Barbie.

The couple, Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar, have been obsessed with the popular dolls since they were young. They have had more than 15 procedures between them, paid for by their generous parents. Quentin who is from Marseille, France, and Anastasia, who is from Paris, even plan to legally change their names to Ken and Doll and to continue having more surgery.

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Anastasia says that they want to spend their lives together, turning themselves into the dolls they love.

Quentin also helps finance their procedures because he has two successful mobile phone shops. He still wants more Botox and pectoral implants, while Anastasia wants eye-bag removal, veneers, breast augmentation, and ear reshaping. Indeed, they have spent a small fortune trying to copy their favorite dolls.

When they met in 2013, they realized they both loved the plastic dolls. Anastasia says, “When I laid eyes on Quentin for the first time, I knew that I’d found the love of my life.”

Quentin feels he has found the perfect partner, his real-life Barbie. They are both happy to have found a partner that can help them achieve their dream of becoming a real version of the dolls. They believe they are soulmates who were destined to meet. Even their parents have started calling them Barbie and Ken.

As children, they just loved the dolls. Anastasia has a collection of over 100 Barbie dolls.

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