This Couple Has Spent Almost $300,000 on Surgery to Look Like Barbie and Ken


When she became a teenager, Anastasia became aware of her looks and she realized then that she wanted to become Barbie. She explains, “My parents provided me with the best education possible and they also bought me all the Barbies that I wanted too. At one point, I had over 100 Barbies in my collection and I played with them all the time. I loved them. They were so beautiful.”

Quentin also went through a similar phase, and he wanted to become Ken. He recalls, “I adored my Ken dolls. I had all the wonderful Ken accessories to go with them too—the toy plane, the house, and the convertible car. I loved his billionaire lifestyle.”

As a teenager, Anastasia felt awkward, and she looked at her beloved Barbies and they were perfect. That’s when she realized she wanted to be like her idol. That’s how she learned about plastic surgery and how it could help her become the person she wanted to be.

At the very young age of 17, Anastasia had her first rhinoplasty, which was paid for by her parents.  Anastasia and her parents were happy with the result of her nose job so a year after that, she had her first breast implants. The surgeries left Anastasia feeling more confident.

Anastasia’s parents didn’t think she needed a boob job, but they still paid for her surgery.

Quentin also had a similar experience. He felt very average in secondary school, and he decided he wanted to try to become a real Ken doll. So he did some research about cosmetic procedures and decided he wanted to look and have a life like Ken. He wanted the luxury lifestyle with designer clothes, expensive cars, and more.

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