This Couple Has Spent Almost $300,000 on Surgery to Look Like Barbie and Ken


Both of them say they are much happier now after having their surgeries. They feel like they are closer to living life as a Ken and Barbie doll.

After they met at a party, they were inseparable. They bonded over their love of the dolls and their desire to become their idols.

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Together, they have continued their quest for the perfect body making drastic changes to their diet and having strict exercise routines. They advise each other and push each other to be better. They live a healthy lifestyle—they do not drink or smoke or take drugs.

Anastasia’s latest splurge was another boob job, another nose job, and butt implants. Quentin also had another nose job, eye bag removal, veneers, and ear pinning. They have both had lip injections to get the right lips that match their dolls’ lips.

Their cosmetic procedures have become regular parts of their routine. Their teeth are whitened every 6 months. They have had numerous Botox sessions and cheek fillers. Regular fake tans, facials, and hair treatments are all part of their routine to maintain their doll-like appearance.

In the two years that they have been together as a couple, Quentin and Anastasia have spent over $90,000 dollars to look more like the dolls. They still hope to undergo more surgery.

Aside from their huge expense on surgeries, the couple also love designer labels like Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and Dior. Anastasia’s parents have bought her over a dozen Hermes Birkin bags. Quentin drives around in a Porsche Cayman convertible car. The couple say  that they have received negative comments because of their appearance.

In France, plastic surgery is not as accepted like it is in America. The couple want to start a plastic surgery revolution. They want everyone to know that it is possible to be beautiful by improving themselves with cosmetic work.

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