These Disney Princesses Get Plus-Size Makeovers …You Won’t Believe the Outcome!


Tumbler user The Nameless Doll has given the beloved leading female characters of Disney Princesses movies a realistic makeover.

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disney princesses

The Disney princesses are the epitome of grace and beauty. They are picture perfect, kind, and sweet. They seem to project an aura that they are on a different level than others. The Nameless Doll took it upon herself to make the princess more relatable. Their plus-size makeovers could not have turned out better.

disney princesses

The scene above is from the movie Tangled where Rapunzel and Mother Gothel are looking into a mirror. The artist has given Rapunzel a wider waist and rounder face, and she still looks great.

The Nameless Doll wanted to give Disney’s famous females a realistic makeover. Their normally thin frames and sculpted cheekbones were transformed into bigger bosoms and flattering curves, which resulted in a more relatable yet still healthy body.

disney princesses

Belle’s body structure is given fuller breasts, bigger limbs, and a believable waistline.

disney princesses

Princess Anna from Frozen looks great in her new avatar. She looks like an even more lovable version of the younger sister now.

disney princesses

Princess Anastasia is shown here with a voluptuous body and gorgeous red hair, which make her stand out even more.


Ariel looks more muscular and fit after her makeover. She’s showing the real beauty of a woman in the new picture.

After looking at these princesses and seeing that they still look great, maybe the creators over at Disney will decide to introduce a new set of princesses that are far from being perfect but still real, just like a regular woman of today.

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