Cosmetics Brand EOS Sued by Women Who Claim Lip Balm Made Lips Bleed


Many women use lip balm every day to prevent having dry, chapped lips. Lip balms and lipsticks have become part of the must-haves that women carry around in their handbags. Now a popular lip balm brand is making headlines because their product is actually ruining lips.

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According to many users of EOS lip balm, their use of the product gave them blisters, rashes, and itching. Now these unhappy customers are trying to make a case against the brand. They want to file a case because of their severe allergic reactions, and they have taken their case to the law firm Geragos and Geragos.

When you use this brand or any brand of lip products, if you have any reactions, discontinue using it right away.

Celebrities have endorsed this product


Kim Kardashian was seen her with her EOS lip balm.

Britney Spears has done an ad for the brand


Her Instagram post stated that EOS is her finishing touch.

But this happened.

This woman documented her use of the product for three weeks


The unhappy customers have posted their stories on the EOS Facebook page. This issue is not new with some complaints going back to 2012.

Monica, the person behind the blog Monica Loves Makeuphad a bad reaction to the product in 2012


She has thrown away her EOS lip balms and now uses Vaseline. Monica stated that it took two months for her lips to recover.

The issue with the brand has made the new recently with more women coming forward


Any cosmetic product carries a risk of an allergic reaction. The company is offering to help those affected.

Some women with minor reactions also want to join the lawsuit


EOS released a statement on their official Facebook page.


Now it is up to the courts to decide whether the customers deserve compensation over their allergic reactions to the product. EOS says that customer satisfaction and product quality is their number one priority.

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