Study Has It That This Exercise Regime Improves Not Only Your Body – but Also Your Brain


Better can be gained by doing many different forms of exercise. However, there is a recent study that one should do a moderate mode of running, rather what we called jogging, if you want to  have a healthier brain.

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Scientists have always believed that humans have a fixed number of brain cells when born, but a recent study has proven that such finding was wrong all along. Hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for memory storage, continuously gains new neurons as a human grows older.


Another study conducted on rodents shows that running speeds up the process of neuron creation. So physiologist Juha Ahtiainen, together with her colleagues, did separate experiments to know if same exercise would give the same effects on other species too.

Different lab rats were made to undergo different sets of exercise humans usually do. The results showed that the different physical activities had varying effects on the brain.


Rats bred to be aerobic runners and were given the freedom to run produced more new neurons. Rats that underwent high-intensity interval training (HIT) produced neurons but not as much as the first set. The last set of rats that had weight training had no new more neurons.

Although the study used rats as subjects, Ahtiainen believes that the results are accurate as rodents have been used in previous experiments and are proven to be a reliable indicator of what humans experience.

Bottom line is, the study wants to send a message to people that perhaps, it’s time you integrate some running on whatever exercise regime you currently follow.

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