Fat-Shaming Online Bully Apologizes For Shocking Comment- See What He Said

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When a man watching a baseball game sat behind an overweight woman, he grabbed the opportunity for harsh judgment and body shaming. But one man stopped him on his tracks, spreading hope and encouragement to those struggling with weight issues.

The man, who was a fitness trainer himself, seemed to be more interested in what the woman was eating rather than on the game itself. He even took photos of the woman and posted them on his company’s Facebook page. And his comments were less than flattering.

In response to the fat-shaming online bully, the Anti-Jared, a fitness blog, posted an amazing response through a story of a woman currently on her own personal weight loss journey.

“It was not that long ago that I was over 400 pounds. I struggled with eating and my weight for a long time. I was unable to do many of the functions that others could. I could not put on my pants one leg at a time. I could not cross my legs. Being over 400 pounds was hard.

So one day I decided to change. One day I told myself it was enough. One day I said that I could not do this anymore. I did not make that decision because of people like you. I did not make that decision out of tough love but rather love for myself . . .

The more weight I lost, the more I got back. I was able to walk over a mile. I was able to do 30 minutes at the gym. I was able to have my significant other give me a true hug. I was . . . I was B again.

I have lost well over 150 pounds. I get it, to you I am still huge and gross, but I can look in the mirror now. I love myself now. It is not easy.”





Tony Posnanski, the man behind Anti-Jared, posted this real-life story of Beverly Cutlip of West Virginia as the response that hit the bully’s eye. Tony had the same struggle as the mystery woman had. He had lost 221 pounds and started the Anti-Jared blog as a means to inspire and support others who are overcoming obesity.

Beverly Cutlip was weighing 450 pounds when the decision for change came over her. The Anti-Jared had been a great source of comfort and encouragement for her. One day as she sat down on a picnic bench, she started crying. Her tears were those of joy after losing 80 pounds, and for the first time, she fit in the bench of a picnic table.

Because Tony and Beverly shared the same experience, when the anonymous woman was judged harshly online, Tony saw it as an opportunity to use Beverly’s fight with obesity as an illustration to change public perception so that these people could be encouraged and accepted.

Tony’s message was enough to make Keith Hausher issue an apology for his harsh comments.

Here’s hoping that this story will remind us not to be quick to judge. Or better yet, never judge at all.

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