Find Out How These Girls Survive With Hearts Outside Their Chests!

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They’re still too young to say they’re lifetime partners, but to see each other’s physical appearance, these two girls know that somehow, they are connected. They both share an unusual physical feature—their hearts are beating outside their chest. So when they found out about each other, the then six- and three-year-old appealed to their parents to meet each other face to face.

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Virsaviya, 6, was very excited to see Audrey, 3, for the first time because she would encounter a new friend with the same medical situation as hers.

Audrey’s mom, Ashley, thought that letting the two girls play the doctor’s role would be an interesting way to make them understand better and be aware of each other’s medical condition. It looks fun to see them hearing each other’s heartbeat with a toy stethoscope.

Their parents believe that despite their daughters’ condition, they have many things to be grateful for. Their condition, named pentalogy of Cantrell (PoC), happens once in every 1 million childbirths. Most babies affected by the disease do not survive. But Virsaviya and Audrey defied the odds and are now even very much thrilled to know that they found a playmate in each other.

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