Find Out Who Topped Out in Trojan’s Annual Safe Sex College Rankings


The US News and World Report ranks colleges every year, and the results are considered official and reverend. These colleges are not ranked arbitrarily. The USNWR uses 16 criteria for it, which include acceptance rate, graduation rate performance, peer assessment, etc.

But even though they have 16 key measures of quality, there’s still one thing they missed—sexual health.

Safe sex on campus has been the source of a lot public discussions recently, but it seems like when talking about how educated the students are about health care, we still have a lot to improve on.

Condom company Trojan is well aware of this, so to call the attention of some universities, for the past 10 years, they annually release their own rankings of colleges based on 11 categories including STI testing, availability of contraceptives, and how informative their online resources are.

Recently, they released the result for 2015, and here it is.

10. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is beautiful inside and out. Aside from the arboretum that surrounds the campus, the Wildcats also get to enjoy resources like gender-confirming health care coverage and a Condom Olympics for the students enrolled in Sex, Health, and AIDS class.

9. University of Texas-Austin

UT-Austin’s athletes have amassed 130 Olympic medals, and the university was hailed as the best sports college in the country in 2002. But the school is not only the best choice for the sports enthusiast. It’s also good for the sexually active. The school offers Sexual Assault Forensic Exams on campus and nurse advice line that is available 24/7.



8. Columbia University

Go Ask Alice!, is one of the best health advice sites, is housed in Columbia. The site was originally made only for the students of the university, but it went on to win several awards because of its efficiency and pieces of advice given by experts from different fields like public health, medicine, and health educations.

7. University of Iowa

Just 59 days after Iowa’s recognition as a state, the school was established and has grown to become a pioneer in different fields since then. After becoming the first public university in America to award law degrees to black people and women in general, the Hawkeyes have also been miles ahead of other colleges with regard to sexual assault policies, which declares that sex can only be done if both sides freely agree to it.

6. University of Oregon

The UO Health Center developed an app that guides students as they make sexual decisions by giving them information on safe sex, STDs, sexual experiences, and sexual consent. The app was even featured on MTV UK’s Web site.



5. Brown University

Brown ranks highest among all the Ivy League schools on this list. Many health education services are offered in the campus, such as Safer Sex Squad and Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG), both are peer-educator groups.

4. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Aside from being among the best in college sports, Michigan is also a front-runner when it comes availability of sexual health resources. They even have sex therapists inside the campus!

3. University of Georgia

In its quest to promote safe sex, the University of Georgia is among those US states that mandate the inclusion of comprehensive HIV education and sex education in the curriculum and to involve parents in the discussion. In their Condom Express program, free lube, condom, and dental dams are even directly to the students’ dorms.



2. Stanford University

Seems like sex is getting safer inside the Stanford University, as evidenced by how they rose to the fifth spot in 2014 from 20th in 2013.

The college has what they call Sexual Health Peer Resource Center that gives students $3 every quarter to buy sexual health products.

1. Oregon State University

In 2013, they were in 26th spot. The following year, they rose to the top. Now they’re still the valedictorian on the list. The Oregon State University owes this to the availability of their contraceptives, peer groups programming, and sexual Web site information quality.

Behind this good news, however, is the fact that there are still colleges that need a lot of improvement, especially Brigham Young University that came in last at 140.

Nevertheless, it’s a good thing that Trojan is there to track the progress of these universities in their quest to promote safe sex.



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