2 Girls Looking Like Identical Twins but from Different Parents and Countries Meet for the First Time


Twin Strangers is a popular Web site where users pay a small fee so they can find a person from across the world who looks exactly like them. It may sound strange, but the results are remarkable, especially when one is equipped with the possibility that they too may find their very own twin stranger.

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Twenty-one-year-old Shannon Lonergan met 17-year-old Sara Nordstorm through the Web site and were a perfect match. The two come from separate countries—Shannon is from Ireland while Sara hails from Sweden, and despite extensive research on their backgrounds, they are in no way related. The girls bear the same pouty lips, coincidentally the same color of hair, and even share striking blue eyes.

Sara and Shannon decided to meet in Ireland, and while they were both nervous about it at first, they quickly warmed up to each other. After applying similar makeup on each other’s faces, Shannon’s own father could not believe his own yes, adding that Sara could actually pass for his own daughter.

The girls had mixed feelings when they first found each other. They both tried to ingest how real it was to find someone who looked exactly like you. But lucky for them, the tension was dissolved once they finally spoke.

“It felt a bit surreal when we finally met, a bit like looking at yourself,” Sara said. “We seem to see things the same way—there was a bathroom underneath the stairs in the house where we were staying and at different times we both commented: ‘It’s just like in Harry Potter!’”

Twin Strangers has more than 500,000 members signing up in hopes of finding their own doppelganger.

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