This Guy Spends $75,000 to Become Madonna Impersonator

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As a 15-year-old in the 1980s, he began to constantly listen to her music. His mother owned one of her albums and he just played it nonstop. He related to Madonna and felt like she was speaking to him through her music.

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He explains, “Everything that I was feeling inside was what she was singing and everything I wanted to be was what she was.”

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His desire to become his idol and his lifelong obsession with her has led to several domestic problems. His mother, Annette Guerra, now regrets having purchased that first Madonna album that started her son’s obsession.

She adds, “I really dislike her because he holds in her high esteem—it’s like a religion to him. I’m always worried about him when he has a procedure done. When he first started doing it he was going to some pretty shady places where I didn’t think they were capable or qualified to do what they were doing.”

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Despite his mother’s objections, Adam does not plan to change his Madonna obsession. He says that he had an ex-boyfriend who also did not agree with his unhealthy Madonna fixation but could do nothing about it. He says his mother wishes he would spend money on a nice car or save it, but for him possessions can come and go.

When he started out performing, he would only earn less than $10 dollars a show. He is now well-known in the American West Coast and he even has free admission to Madonna gigs.


Adam’s main love is performing as the Queen of Pop. Speaking of his performances, he says, “It’s an amazing feeling, it’s a huge rush and I get nervous because I want to look like her and sound like her. Whether I’m on for 30 minutes or three hours I just have to give it my all. I put a lot of pressure on myself so it can be really nerve wracking.”

Adam has no regrets about his many plastic surgeries or his choice to emulate Madonna. She is an icon and powerful woman. He adds that no one understands his love for Madonna, but he just wants to live his life in a way that he will enjoy every minute.

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