A Google lead Scientist Plans to Live Forever by Taking 100 Pills a Day

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Life is short, too short for us to go to places we want to visit and eat all the dishes we’ve long wanted to try. That’s why probably all of us want to have a long life or even to be immortal and live forever. But is it really possible? For this guy, the answer is a big yes.

Ray Kurzweil works as director of engineering at one of the biggest companies in the world, Google. But behind his intimidating appearance there lies a rather bizarre habit, which he does in hopes of living forever.

Kurzweil takes 30 pills in the morning and 70 more as he spends the rest of the day. His strange regimen has him splurging $1,000 a day on supplements, but he says it’s all worth it as it helps him keep his eyes, brain, and heart healthy. And these pills, he claims, maintain his sexual health too.

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Before he switched to his 100-pill-a-day regimen, Kurzweil used to take 250 pills a day; but with the help of medical advancements, he can now replace every ten pills with only two.


But Kurzweil doesn’t rely solely on pills. He follows a peculiar diet too. He feasts on porridge, smoked salmon, mackerel, dark chocolate, berries, and soy milk for his breakfast. And as if the sugar content in this meal isn’t enough, he enjoys stevia and sipping green tea too.

Because of his lifestyle, the Google executive says he feels like he’s still in his 40s even if he’s already 67 years old.


Kurzweil is not keeping his regimen to himself as his wife and children actually follow it too.

Speaking of his secret to immortality, Kurzweil says, “We’ve learnt to accept it, the cycle of life and all that, but humans have an opportunity to transcend beyond natural limitations.”

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