In South Korea, ‘Heart-Bang Hair’ Is Becoming The Latest and Weirdest Fashion Trend



When it comes to style and fashion trends, the whole world recognizes South Korea as a country that makes fashionable designs and the initiator of popular trends. This time, they took their creativity to a whole new level by making the heart-bangs hair a popular trend for girls. Young women in Seoul have discovered a new hairstyle called hateu aapmuhri, aka the heart-bangs hair, which quickly became a popular trend.

The hair trend is inspired by Kendall Jenner after she posted a selfie, lying on the floor with perfect black heart shapes of her hair. The heart-bangs hair is an upside-down love heart shape on the forehead.

Girls, you must try this new fashion discovery and post a picture on Instagram.

Korean style and Kendall’s tyle: which is much better?


She looks super cute with the heart-bangs hair.

She created a perfect love heart shape.

Kendall Jenner posted a selfie with her lying on the floor, showing off a perfect black heart shapes. The photo became one of Instagram’s most liked pictures. After that, girls have been posting their version of the heart-shaped hair, and the girls in South Korea picked up the perfect concept.


Now let’s see others try the newest hair trend.



Such a pretty face and a big heart

Do you think she looks prettier now?

Who says only those who have long hair can make a heart shape?

This is the only way for you to get the heart-shaped hair—with hairs pray and curling tongs.

This is what happens when America tries to imitate South Korea.


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