Here are The 40 Hottest Fitness Girls on Instagram

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Ashley Freeman (@ashleymfreeman)

She is a Sydney-based health and fitness enthusiast and motivator.

Alyssa Julya Smith (@alyssajs_)

As co-owner and brand director of swimwear line, LEZARD SWIM, Smith has worked as the hottest professional model since she was 16. She’s also an actress.  You can see her in the show Couples Retreat.

Bianca Cheah (@biancamaycheah)

She is a model, yoga lover, and the creative director of Sporteluxe.

Sendi Skopljak (@skopljak)

This one hottest beauty from Sweden is a fitness lover who’s big on social media.

Lais DeLeon (@laisdeleon)

Lais DeLeon: Top 20 Pics and Videos

She is a fitness and bikini model from Brazil.

Natalie Uhling (@natalieuhling)

She has many titles under her belt, Radius master trainer, creator of NUFitTM, Triple Threat, and RoundHouse.

Jessica Arevalo (@jessicaarevalo_)

This pretty woman has 400,000 followers on Instagram. She shares videos clips and photos and motivates them to work out.

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes)

This Southern California native is a bikini model who is one of the hottest favorites on Instagram.


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