How a Fat Donut Eater Dropped 50 Pounds and Became a Male Model


An overweight 28-year-old man has proven that you could change your body and health status in just a matter of months, 15 months to be specific. He now has a nice six-pack to show off after all his hard work.

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England native Sebastian David was once an overweight man. When his father was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease in 2013, his own self-care and health took a backseat.

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For nine months, he did not cook for himself but rather opted to have take-out from restaurants.

After his father’s death in March 2014, David decided to make a change. He put an end to the fast food and high calorie snacks and gave himself a strict fitness regime. He turned his back on junk food and is worlds away from what he used to look like.


He used to eat 5,000 calories each day. His body dropped a massive amount of weight from 202 pounds to 147 pounds. Since his astounding weight loss, he has received offers for modeling gigs.

David is now a regular at the gym and has been encouraged to join bodybuilding competitions. He is now known as one of the most eligible bachelors in Britain. Reportedly, he finished seventh in a nationwide bodybuilding competition.


He explains his newfound fame, saying, “I have to confess, it’s strange being asked to model when I look at photos of myself from two years ago. But I’m not complaining. It’s nice to get a bit of attention now and then.”


“My mum is very proud of me and just happy that I’ve got out of a place that wasn’t great for me. She wouldn’t care if I was fat or thin or whatever, just as long as I’m happy.”


Strangely, David says that being fat was good for him because he wouldn’t have been inspired to do what he is doing now if he didn’t go through that “fat phase.” He never aspired to be a bodybuilder or model. His goal was to get in shape and feel better, but as his body changed, he kept reassessing his weight loss goals.


David has a degree in Sports Science and is now working towards joining his second bodybuilding event in Belfast this May.

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