20-Year-Old Brazilian Human Ken Doll Loses Fight against Leukemia

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A Brazilian real-life Ken doll has passed away after a five-month-long battle against leukemia. Celso Santebanes, 20, spent over $44,000 dollars on plastic surgery to turn himself into a human Ken doll. His transformation began when he was still sixteen years old.

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Celso loved dolls when growing up and decided to transform himself into a real life Ken doll as his family told him all the time that he looked like the doll

He first became famous when he was on a talk show in Sao Paulo. He started to charge $15,000 for his VIP appearances.

Celso has loved dolls since he was a child and his family had always told him he looked like one, which is where he got the inspiration to turn himself into a real-life version of Ken.

He changed his last name to Santebanes after the name of his favorite character on a Mexican TV show. After he was diagnosed with leukemia, he came out with his own line of Celso Dolls. Unfortunately, he passed away at a hospital after contracting pneumonia.

Spitting image: Celso, who spent £30,000 on his transfomation, released his own line of Celso dolls in Los Angeles shortly before his death  Dream come true: Celso grew up in Sao Paulo with a shelf-full of dolls and dreamed of being a 'human puppet' as his family always told him he looked like the Ken doll

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