49-Year-Old Instagram Hottie Flaunts Toned Torso and Pert Derriere in Sexy Photos

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According to Laura, years and years of working at the office and spending her free time simply lazing off, made her feel like “things starting to sag.” Then, at 23 years old, she discovered exercising.

Laura then began watching some home fitness shows and had since been working out on a consistent basis. As a matter of fact, her longest time off from her regular exercise has only been a week.

Laura has her own gym equipment in her house because she prefers it that way rather than driving to a gym. Although she doesn’t have any children, she is married and her husband, 39, admits that he is worried at times for Laura’s growing fame.

Laura’s routine consists of three one-hour sessions of weight training every week. She has a weight training for her lower body, upper body, and one that takes care of both. After that, she then focuses on completing five sessions of video workouts. She also explains that nutrition is very important and that she only eats plain, whole foods and not processed ones.

Despite all of her efforts, Laura is still getting some pretty bad reactions from people. People would say that she’s just lucky she’s slim and fit, without realizing all the sacrifices she had to do to achieve her current size.

She also had some sites and companies who used her pictures without permission, which forced her to set up her official Instagram account. A lot of people expressed their doubts on the authenticity of Laura’s photos, but she has always made it clear that none of her shots are edited and that she doesn’t use any kind of supplements or products.

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