This Kid Is Only 3, but He Already Has Biceps and a Six-Pack

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How many hours every day do you spend for an early-morning jog? Do you make sure you do a couple of push-ups daily? Wait, do you even exercise? If you don’t, you might want to let this kid convince you to start working out now.

This eye-candy in the making named Dash Meager may be too young to be a muscleman, but the kid says he loves to jump on the trampoline for two hours at a time and has already run a marathon.

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Dash is only three years old, but he’s already hooked to exercising, and his biceps and abs would prove that. Some people suspect that his parents might have done something to the child for him to have that body, but Dash’s mother, Ursula, insisted that she’s not that kind of fitness freak and is just blessed to have a healthy baby boy.

dash7 dash5

Ursula first noticed that Dash was already growing a six-pack abs when she was changing the then two-year-old boy’s diaper. She immediately snapped a photo of Dash’s body and sent it to her husband. Ursula was shocked to see her son being too muscly at a very young age.


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