Blonde with Massive LLL-Sized Breast Raises Funds so She Can Go to a Q Cup


On an episode of TLC‘s My Strange Addiction, we meet Lacey Wildd. A blonde bombshell who does party tricks with her massive LLL breast implants.

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lacey wildd

In the preview of the clip from the TV show, you will see the 45-year-old mother of six. She shows how she uses her breast implants as a tray. She can hold two champagne glasses without it falling. She also turns off the lights and places a flashlight to her chest. She says, “I’ve got my own jack-o-lanterns,” and her implants start to glow.

It isn’t all easy having such a large chest. Lacey Wildd says there are plenty of things she cannot do with her exaggerated body shape. She can’t lie flat on her back too long because it makes her feel faint.

lacey wildd

Lying on her back for an extended period of time gives her the feeling of being suffocated. She uses four or five pillows so she is in the right position during the night. She cannot look down to see her toes because her breasts are in the way. She added, “I can’t even tell you the last time I could see my toes or my feet.”

lacey wildd

Jenaveve, her youngest daughter, says it is nearly impossible to hug her mother. So she “just give it under her boobs . . . so they don’t crush me.”

Even with the difficulties posed by her gigantic implants, Lacey Wildd wants to go from LLL to a QQQ size. She wants to have the title of the world’s largest augmented breasts. She raised $23,000 in donations for her surgery, which will be her thirteenth overall.

lacey wildd

Maxi Mounds currently has the world’s biggest breasts with a size 42 M bra. Lacey Wildd says she is nervous about her surgery, the cost of which has been covered by her donations. Medical experts have warned her that it is not safe. Currently, her chest is 21 pounds, and she she uses an internal bra made of pigskin and her own muscle, which has been implanted into her chest. She claims that her giant breasts are for her children’s benefit.

lacey wildd

She explains, “I want to leave a legacy to my children. My goal was never to be famous. My goal was to be able to take care of them, to be able to support them.” Her children range in age from six to twenty-nine. She also has a stepson who is twenty-five years old.

Since 2012, her income has quadrupled from all her TV appearances, subscribers on her Web site, and film work. Her plan is to retire in three years.

Her children say that their mother’s looks have caused them to be cyberbullied and teased at school.

lacey wildd

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