Man Obsessed with Superman Has Been Going Under the Knife for 16 Years to Look Like His Idol

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Everyone loves Superman. His chiseled jaw and his piercing blue eyes can make anyone enthralled. He has been a prominent figure in comic books and movies for more than seven decades now.

For Herbert Chavez, appreciating Superman through words isn’t enough, so the 35-year -old from Calamba City, Philippines, goes to the extremes to actually look like a real-life Clarke Kent. He lists himself as one of the many people around the world who have gone under the knife to resemble their idols.

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Chavez has idolized Superman since he was five years old. He has spent over $6,000 USD (Php300,000) on surgery to achieve the iconic superhero’s signature look.  The surgeries include nose jobs, pec, and abdominal implants to even skin whitening. The money needed proved to be a challenge for Chavez as he grew up poor in the Philippines.

But despite all the money he’s spent, Chavez considers it as an achievement on his part. He roams the streets proudly wearing a Superman costume, complete with blue contacts and meticulously styled hair. “I feel like a Superhero whenever I pull on the costume, but my mission is not to save the world but to help in my own small way and bring a smile to the faces of local children,” he shares.

The road to looking like a Caucasian superhero did not come easy for Chavez, and like the Man of Steel, he had to pass through numerous struggles.

“If you talk about super heroes, the expectation of people is that they are flawless, they do not get hurt, they do not die,” Chavez said of his transformation. “But as human beings, we can only copy their looks. Especially as a Filipino, I have very Asian features and did not look like the Caucasian Superman. So when I was able to save enough money to alter my features, I chose to copy those of Superman.”

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