Man Transforms From Ordinary Man to a Hulk …See the Life Changing Cause

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You know what they say, old habits die hard. It is never easy to change your life, nor is it easy to change bad habits. Determination, dedication, and focus are very essential in order to make healthy new habits.

A British man decided to rebuild himself and change his life. The results were huge in both his physique and his life. The experience for him was something he is very proud of.

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Martyn Ford has always been a tall guy. But not that big.


Roughly ten years ago, Martyn, who was already 6’8″ in height, weighed only about 170 lbs. But now, he is an image of extreme power at 325 lbs.



His objective was not to become a superhuman who battles villains using his super strength. He just wanted to make something out of himself and create change. So he got serious about achieving his goal.


He had a goal, he persevered, and now he has it.

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Because of his incredible physique, he was cast in the Undisputed fighting franchise, where he plays the role of Koshmar, which is Russian for “Nightmare.”




Here are Martyn Ford’s videos below.

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