Man Writes Heartwarming List of Reasons to Anorexic Girlfriend and it Saved Her Life

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She is a dance teacher, living a healthy life. But when an unfortunate event struck her, she starved herself and ended up being anorexic. Things took a bad turn, but when her boyfriend did something she never expected, everything changed. He gave her a list of all the reasons she has to live—and paired it with a heartwarming wedding proposal.

Twenty-five-year-old Emma Stokes, who lives in Huntington, Cheshire, plummeted from being healthy and fit to the opposite after she lost her grandmother in March 2013. Every day, she would drag herself out of bed and head directly to the gym to work out for six long hours before she started her job as a dance teacher in daily four-hour classes. She would eat only a single Weetabix with watered-down milk, vegetables, and a bits of lettuce, which added up to not more than 600 calories.

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Chris Weir, 26, her partner for two years, had to witness the love of his life being slowly deteriorated by her unhealthy lifestyle. Emma’s clothes became baggy on her, her periods stopped, and she had to give up her job as a dance instructor.

She went to see an NHS therapist and dietitians at a hospital in Cheshire, but they didn’t give her meal plans to follow. Emma underwent a cognitive behavioral therapy, but it didn’t produce any good outcome either, and her weight continued to go down. Worried about her daughter, Emma’s mother decided to take her to a private hospital instead.

When she was still a teen, Emma battled had to deal with bulimia. Now her body’s shutting down again. She’s worried that she would not be able to do the things she loved.

In most cases, being anorexic is associated with eating nothing, but for Emma, her dilemma involved stressing herself out for hours in dancing and working out in the gym. She focused too much on exercising that she forgot about consuming healthy foods.

At times, she would not eat throughout the day even if she was hungry and would take naps with an empty stomach. Her mother had always been the one forcing her to eat, but she wouldn’t listen.

Although they didn’t understand why she did not get any better and became thinner and thinner every time, Emma’s family and friends stayed by her side, but they were terrified they might lose her any moment.

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