Man’s Strange Skin Condition Allows Him to Stick Cans and Bottles to His Head

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A mysterious and equally bizarre skin condition causes Jamie Keeton to suck up objects and make them stick on him. This garnered him the nickname “the human suction cup,” and his case has continued to baffle the medical world until today.

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Keeton discovered his octopus-like ability several years ago. Incredibly, the moment came after he shaved his head for the first time. He happened to be watching a ball game that day too, and he held his drink on his head to cool down. When the team hit a home run, Keeton tried to grab the ball and thought he lost his drink on the process. Turns out, the soda pop was sticking on his head.


Things didn’t start great for Keeton as soon as he discovered his condition. He was reluctant at first to share about it in fear that people will see him as a freak of nature, but later on, he learned to accept that his skin wasn’t like everyone else’s.


Nowadays, Keeton seemed to have taken his uncanny ability in stride. He finds humor in it and even gets the chance to meet celebrities like George Clooney and James Corden along the way. He’s opened an Instagram account called iamcanhead, where he uploads photos and 15-second videos of his life as a human suction cup.


Doctors have openly admitted that there is no known medical explanation on Keeton’s case. But one thing is for sure, he doesn’t have anything to worry about.

“I’m not quite sure why his skin is like that, but he is definitely not sick and in fairly good shape,” Dr. Win Myint said. He treats Keeton in hometown of Illinois.


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