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Meet the Real-Life Cullen Brothers with ‘Vampire-Like’ Symptoms

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The boys’ parents, Mandy and John, noted nothing strange during the pregnancy, but it was when Simon was born that the symptoms started to arise. Shortly after birth, Simon’s body temperature dropped to dangerous levels. After he was brought under a lamp for warmth, blisters appeared all over.


When Simon reached four months, he experienced a cold. His temperature continued to rise because of his inability to sweat. He needed to be brought to the hospital for professional assistance. And after six months and still no sign of teeth growing, Simon was diagnosed with HED.

The same thing happened when Mandy was pregnant with George.


The family came prepared when their second son was born. So far, they have given both children the opportunity to live normal lives. But one important note that the parents remember is to cover their children in protective clothing and sunscreen, sometimes even asking them to avoid heavy daylight.

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Older son Simon is in hopes to get a bone graft, a form of correctional surgery wherein a part of his jaw will be replaced with bone from his leg. This is so he can get artificial teeth since he has less teeth than his younger brother, Simon.

Although the surgery is said to be painful, their parents are still looking forward to reducing the stigma people have on them because of their looks.

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