Plus-Size Model Who Holds the Record for World’s Largest Hips


Los Angeles, California, resident Mikel Ruffinelli has the world’s biggest hips. They measure more than eight feet around. The mother of four struggles to go through doorways, and she needs two seats on a plane when she travels because of her natural 100-inch bottom.

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Thirty-nine-year-old Mikel cannot fit into a car and so she has to drive a truck. Her chairs at home are reinforced to be able to carry her 400-pound frame. The plus-size model is proud of her figure and has no plans to lose weight despite being the object of ridicule.


Everywhere she goes, she attracts a combination of good and bad attention. Walking down the street, she can hear people taking pictures on their camera phones and laughing at her. Most people assume she has had cosmetic surgery to enhance her figure, but it’s all natural. She says that it came as a result of having four children and large hips are also common in her family.


As a teenager, Mikel has a regular body frame. She weighed 140 pounds then and 180 in her early twenties. After delivering her first child, Andrew, at age 22, she gained more than 50 pounds. When her daughters Destynee, Autumn, and Justyce followed, her weight and hips continued to increase.

She stands at a petite 5 feet 4 inches. Her waist is proportionally small to her hips, measuring 40 inches.

Traveling on a plane or train requires buying two seats because she can’t fit into just one. It’s quite an expensive ordeal so as often as possible she drives her truck instead of using public transportation. Doorways are another problem for her because they aren’t wide enough. She goes through them sideways to be able to enter a room.

Despite the setbacks she experiences from having such a wide berth, Mikel enjoys keeping active with her family with exercise routines at home and trips to parks and the seaside. She even wears a two-piece bikini to show off her 42 D size breasts.

Since it is hard to find clothes to fit her bottom half, her lingerie is custom-made by a seamstress.


After struggling in vain with slimming plans, Mikel has now vowed never to go on a diet.

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