Grieving Mom Turns to Exercise to Cope with the Loss of Her Sons


Victoria Szomolanyi, 31, is fabulous and fit, but there is a sad story behind her flat abs. She was once depressed and overweight after the death of her sons Mason and Tyler only 24 hours after their premature birth. She turned to exercising to help her cope with the identical twins‘ death.

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She is a part-time teaching assistant for children with special needs. At first, she attempted to deal with the loss by making herself busy with work.

She started comfort eating, and gradually, she began to gain weight. When she saw a photo of herself in a bikini while on a holiday trip in Spain, she realized how much she had let herself go and made a promise to change.

She wanted to completely change her life, so she signed up for a half marathon and began a home exercise routine. In mere eight months, she lost 42 pounds and had a solid abdomen, and she never had to walk into a gym.

She’s now completely changed her body from being 182 pounds wearing a size 14 to 133 pounds of muscle wearing a size 6.

Szomolanyi explains by saying, “I lost my twins nearly 11 years ago, and that day changed my life forever. My relationship broke down because of what had happened.”

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