Brave Mom Stands on Busy Sidewalk in Bathing Suit to Send Message About Self-Love

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When Amy Pence-Brown awoke on August 29, 2015, she was terrified. She was planning to do something completely out of her comfort zone. She was going to stand in a public place, wearing nothing but a bathing suit and a blindfold.

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Writing on her blog, Pence-Brown said, “I was scared that I might get asked to leave by the police. Or that people would yell terrible things at me.”

Majority of people would probably wonder why  someone would willingly put themselves in such a position. Pence-Brown admits that she struggles with low self-esteem and that she did not bare her body because she wanted attention. She conducted this social experiment as a way to see how the community would react to her body.


Before she decided to do her social experiment, something similar caught Pence-Brown’s attention. A woman who was suffering from an eating disorder stripped down to her underwear and encouraged strangers to write on her.

She wanted to know how the public would react to seeing someone who is not a model and almost 40 years old standing in the streets nearly nude.

So she took off her clothing, placed a blindfold on her eyes, and had a sign that explained to passersby what she was doing. The sign read,

“I’m standing for anyone who has struggled with a self-esteem issue like me. Because all bodies are valuable. To support self-acceptance, draw a heart on my body.”

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People didn’t just draw hearts, they also hugged Pence-Brown. She stood there for nearly an hour, and she received support from complete strangers.

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