Mom of Four Shares How Attending to Her Kids’ Needs Helped Her Stay Fit


It’s hard for moms to squeeze doing exercise into their tight schedules. But for Jennifer Gelman, it’s all about multitasking and finding creative ways to do the routines around the house.

For example, the mom of four does some leg squats while loading the dishwasher and execute push-ups while playing chess with the kids.

She posted some of her family activities slash workouts on Instagram, where she has 52,000 followers.

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The creative mom is always trying to think of new ideas on how she could get a various kind of exercise. Being a busy mom, it’s hard to find time to stay fit, so she had to improvise.

Most often, her children join in with her exercises, making it a family activity, like planking, which she can do practically anywhere in the house.

One of the exercises Gelman does at home is running up and down the stairs, sometimes backward. She also does handstands opposite to the wall.

She exercises every day for 30 minutes, sometimes less.

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