Mom Shares How Her Twins Helped Her Get Toned Only 8 Months After Their Birth


Anna Strode is a 31-year-old mother from Melbourne who gained her pre-pregnancy body back with the help of her sons Lachie and Samuel. Each child weighs about 10 kilograms, and she does her squats while lifting her sons. The boys love to watch their mother exercise and copy her moves while they are strapped to their bouncers.

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Sometimes, she gets her sales manager fiance Rhett Sutton to join in on the morning exercises, which results in a lot of fun and giggles for the whole family.


Strode is on maternity leave from her marketing manager job. She wants to motivate other mothers to make time for themselves despite their chaotic baby schedules. She has just completed her personal training studies.


She says her daily 20-minute workouts are her “me” time. She added, “At the end of the day when I look back on all the dirty nappies I’ve changed, hours spent breastfeeding, endless loads of washing and folding and constant housework, I can remind myself that I still did something for me, and that feels really good.”


When her sons get involved in her exercises, it makes them laugh. They see her jumping around and copy her, so she says that she spends a lot of her workout time laughing along with her 10-month-old babies. Her daily exercise is her favorite part of her day and theirs also. Her sons are her little exercise helpers and biggest inspiration.


She was prone to depression and anxiety in her twenties, and she was scared she would develop postnatal depression after the birth of her twins.

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She has not experienced any symptoms and says motherhood is magical. She was classified as a high risk candidate for postnatal depression, so she turned to exercise to balance her mind, which has truly been her saving grace.

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