Viral Star Model with 26-Inch Wide Legs Reveals Men Ask Her to Crush Their Heads Between Her Thighs


A model who became famous because of her strong thigh muscles has just revealed that she receives constant requests to “crush men’s heads” between her muscular legs.

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Natascha Encinosa

Natascha Encinosa has thighs that measure 26 inches in circumference. That makes them wider than most model’s waistlines. This achievement has given her a huge social media following. For each post, the 20-year-old can get up to 5,000 likes and some odd comments and requests.

She says one of the most common fan requests is for her to crush their heads between her thighs. She doesn’t understand why and says it’s “pretty creepy.”

Natascha Encinosa Natascha Encinosa

Natascha Encinosa works hard for her physique. Over the past four years, she has spent at least two hours a day five days a week in the gym. The former dancer first became interested in the gym at age 14, when she was nursing a broken heart. She had always been overweight, and she was dumped because of that. That was the moment that inspired her to start going to a gym.

Natascha Encinosa

Another thing that fans have noticed about Natascha Encinosa is her similarity to a popular nineties video game character. A Twitter user compared her body to Chun-Li, a character from Street Fighter, who was known for her big thighs. As a result of that comparison, her fans are now a mix of Street Fighter fans and gym buffs.

Her photoshoot went viral when she was called the real-life Chun-Li. She thinks it is funny because as a child she would play the game and Chun-Li was her favorite character. The photo shoot exposed Natascha’s legs and led to her gaining 189,000 Instagram followers and many fans who love to write to compliment or criticize her.

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