Viral Star Model with 26-Inch Wide Legs Reveals Men Ask Her to Crush Their Heads Between Her Thighs


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Natascha Encinosa

An Instagram commented on a recent photo, “What a woman! She’s like a goddess.” While another had an opposite opinion and said,
“She looks like Mr. Universe from the waist down.”


She told MailOnline that she gets trolled by people who think she looks too masculine. They think women should have thin legs, but that doesn’t bother Natascha because she believes having big thighs looks nice for girls.

The Chun-Li comparison wasn’t Natascha’s idea, but she plans on making the most of that. Her second most fan request is a photo shoot dressed as the video game character.


Since many fans are waiting to see her in Cosplay, she is happy to oblige. There is not a set date, but it is currently being planned.

Despite reaching an impressive 26-inch circumference on her thighs, she does not train using large weights. She tones muscle groups gentle because of a previous ballet dancing injury. She doesn’t push herself too hard in the gym because once, when she overexerted herself, she had to push her kneecap back in place.


Aside from her work as a model, her full-time job is being a social media coordinator for Auboom Media, a company which manages the online branding for companies. She manages many Instagram accounts, but the largest one doesn’t even have a quarter of her own followers. Right now she has 189,000 followers on her @nataschaencinosa account. As for the reason behind her fame, she claims she doesn’t know where that boy who broke her heart is now. She credits him with inspiring her to create the body she has now.

“This physique is all thanks to my own hard work,” Natascha says.

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