Norma Stitz Has World’s Largest Natural Pair of Breasts

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Here is the Guinness Book of World of its class. Guys want sexy and hot girls. They love to stare at them.  A woman with a Coca-Cola bottle–like figure and flaunting pouty lips and symmetrically formed big breasts, that’s like heaven on earth for them.  That’s why Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson have a big fanbase that are mostly men.

Women as they are, wives and girlfriends find ways to have the body their men and drooling over.  Breast augmentation and natural ways like exercise are just two if the things they try hard doing to achieve it.

But while many ladies are sweating just to complete hours of exercise, a woman from Atlanta doesn’t have to spend even a minute to have sexily big breasts—because she’s literally born with it. Meet Norma Stitz, the woman with the largest natural breasts in the world.

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Norma was born Annie Hawkins-Turner, a Web site entrepreneur.  The name Norma Stitz is a word play of the phrase “enormous tits.” Norma has a pair of breasts that weighs around 25 kilograms or 56 pounds each, making her a record holder.  In 1999, the Guinness Book of World Records certified her as the woman who has the largest natural breasts.



Norma, though, did not escape the cruel traps of bullying ever since she was young. She went through the stage of being afraid to go out, thinking how her day would be like.  When I go out of my house I have to think about what my day is going to be like and who is going to attack me today.  Every day someone teases me that doesn’t know me.  They make fun of me and there’s no reason.  I’m human like everybody else,” Norma said in an interview in United Kingdom’s This Morning.

Norma is a mother of two and a widow to late husband Alan, an Air Force officer who dies in 2003.  She has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in marketing management.




Norma Stitz had a guest appearance on the Jenny Jones Show in 2008

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