Surgically Enhanced Her Butt to 50 Inches, a Steel Worker Started a Modeling Career


Patricia Washington, 31, is the only woman on the work floor in a Detroit steel mill. She grew up impoverished in the US city and even witnessed her mother’s murder when she was just eight years old. Now because of her voluptuous figure, she is going to try life as an international model. She already has over 150,000 followers on Instagram.

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patricia washington

Patricia Washington says, “Working at the factory is living, but not living. For the past few years I have pretty much lived my life like a caged animal just being used to the same old things and not experiencing everything this world has to offer. Now my ambition is to be free.”

Patricia Washington, who has been nicknamed Superwoman by her coworkers, grew up in poverty and was raised by a mother who was addicted to hard drugs. She explains, “Detroit is pretty rough. It is pretty much a war zone, a battlefield. This city is very poor, we have been bankrupt for a few years now, and there is not really too much in terms of job opportunities.”

patricia washington patricia washington

She says she was very young when she witnessed her mother’s murder. Her mother was an addict, but she did what she could to provide for her family.

patricia washington patricia washington

She says her mother was involved with some bad men. She was involved with a man who sold drugs, and they fought over something. Her mother stood up for herself and angered the man so he killed her in front of Patricia and her siblings. Patricia’s birth father moved to Jamaica when she was small, but she credits her tough upbringing for preparing her to work in the male-dominated steel industry.


Speaking of her job, Patricia says, “When they first heard that a female was going to step up and take the challenge they thought I wouldn’t make it. They said, ‘No way, she’s not going to be able to pick up this 100-pound nozzle, she’s not going to be able to swing the sledge or hammer.’ They felt like it was a man’s job. But then I came in and made it happen. Now they treat me like just one of the guys.”

Patricia Washington stands 5’8″ and has worked her way up to ladle pourer position, which involves pouring 240 tonnes of molten steel into molds that are eventually used to build boats.

Despite being able to meet the challenges of a tough job, she has always wanted to travel and do modeling. She wanted to achieve her dream, so she underwent surgery to enhance her figure. She dieted to lose weight and then spent thousands on a butt enlargement operation, which used fat harvested from her thighs, stomach, back, and arms. She was left with a curvy “Coke bottle” figure, with measurements of 38-28-50.

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