Surgically Enhanced Her Butt to 50 Inches, a Steel Worker Started a Modeling Career


Confident with her new figure, she tried out for America’s Next Top Model five years ago but did not get past the third round. Disappointed by her setback, she did not think about modeling again until a year ago. One of her girlfriends invited her out to a club to unwind after working so hard.

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She went shopping and bought some clothes and got her makeup done. Photos were taken of her and posted on Instagram, and the next day, her number of followers tripled. Patricia was contacted by a photographer, and he told her that she had a great look and invited her down to Miami. She went to Miami and did her first photo shoot. It was published in one of the top urban magazines.

Patricia has many followers on Instagram, and she works as a model and helps hosts parties in glamorous locations like London and Dubai. She’s been invited to Hong Kong and South Africa to work with clothing designers.

Patricia stresses that she has always gone to a certified plastic surgeon, but she is aware that there are plenty of women who are risking their lives by getting illegal “butt shots” by unqualified surgeons. They use non-surgical silicon in those dangerous procedures. Patricia wants to stop women from doing anything illegal just to achieve the look like Kim Kardashian style.

“A lot of girls have died from it and that is kind of scary. I wouldn’t tell anybody to risk their lives just to look like me, it is not worth it.”


Even though she has many fans and gets mobbed on the street, Patricia is still single. She says that her booty makes it harder for her to find love because a majority of men just want to sleep with her. She adds that she would like to get married someday.

“If I found that one guy that has the same values as I do and upholds his relationship with respect and love, then I would most definitely like to get married one day.”

Unlike other urban models, she does not work in pornography, strip clubs, or prostitution. She continues to support herself by working 16 hours shifts four days a week at the steel mill. Her colleague Kyle Humphries said, “She has been stuck here for a long time. Now she has the chance to travel, and if she gets to do that, that’s great.”

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Her coworkers are supportive of her modeling job.

Patricia has made $10,000 in her new career, and she hopes that it will continue to grow. She is satisfied she has the chance to pursue her dreams.


She explains, “I don’t want to be 40 and 45 and look up and say like why did I spend all my life at the factory and I haven’t done anything. I haven’t traveled, I haven’t experienced the world, I haven’t met different people.That’s the kind of life I’m hoping to live now.”

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