Amazing Long-Legged Policewoman Is Taking the Internet by Storm with Her Beauty


Beauty, brains, and . . . brawn?

A young Taiwanese policewoman made waves on the Internet when she was praised as the most beautiful in her profession in the East Asian country, with her “pretty face and amazing long legs.”

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Identified as 23-year-old Huang Yichun, Chinese fans said she looks a lot like famous Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung. Huang, who graduated fromthe Taipei Police Academy in 2013, now reportedy works at the Governmental Police Squad of New Taipei in Taiwan.

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Among her duties in the police force include looking after the elderly people who are living on their own. In her free time, when she is not off for her official duties, she is interested in other things, as shown by the many images of herself in different areas of Taipei. She also reportedly enjoys playing the piano.


Huang first garnered attention in September 2015 when a photo of her in her police uniform made its way around the Web. More pictures recently surfaced, putting her on the Internet spotlight yet again.

While fans admit that she is very pretty, many are skeptical about her profession as many are convinced that the 23-year-old is a model, not a policewoman.

A Yahoo! user named A Yi asked, “Are you sure she’s a policewoman, not a model?”


Another one named Jing Yuan addressed her physical structure, saying, “She is so skinny. Taiwan Police Department seems to have low requirements for physical fitness.”


Beautiful people doing in everyday jobs have become somewhat of a topic in Chinese social media sites. Last year, a policeman in Conhqing stopped a marathon when female runners mistook him for a celebrity, crowding in on him to take photographs, even after when they realized there was a mistake.


Huang is the latest to be part of the craze. For those who want to know more about the pretty policewoman from Taipei, she has her personal page on a Wikipedia-like Chinese Web site,

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