This ‘Popeye’ Looking Guy Holds Guinness Record for World’s Largest Biceps


Most of us know about Popeye The Sailor Man. The sailor who eats spinach to become strong and defeat his rival named Brutus. Popeye is just a cartoon character, but do you know that he has a human counterpart? Meet Moustafa Ismail, the man from Egypt who is nicknamed the “real-life Popeye.”

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Thanks to his 31-inch biceps, the 24-year-old Egyptian not only earned a nickname but also a world record. But here’s the catch, unlike the famous cartoon character Popeye, Ismail is allergic to spinach.


Ismail, who was awarded with a Guinness Book of World Records certificate, added that he likes beef and chicken and anything but spinach. The bodybuilder is originally from the city of Alexandria. He moved to America in order to have better gym equipment.


Ismail says that he is the first Egyptian in the Guinness and there was a celebration for him and his family back in Egypt to express how proud they were. His amazing physique gave him the chance to travel around the world.

Oftentimes, people would stop him so they can feel his arms. He’s also received compliments from his admirers, with some telling him that he’s their motivation to work out. Some would say that he is the reason they stopped doing drugs.


However, it’s not always sweet words that he receives. Some critics claim he has been using synthol, steroids, or implants.


But for Ismail, who can easily lift 600 lbs, he knows that he didn’t cheat. On a Japanese TV show, he even underwent an ultrasound to prove that his biceps are authentic.

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