Creepy-Looking Real-Life Anime Girl – Feels Like a Real Anime Character

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Anime has gotten famous all over the world these days, with countless cosplayers (people who play like anime characters) appearing here and there, donning unusual outfits. Some of them even go as far as modifying their bodies just to look like these fictional figures.

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Ukrainian Anastasiya Shpagina is one of them. To complete her Japanese identity, she even gave herself a Japanese name—Fukkacumi.


Animes have become a huge trend that some of its fans get that urge to turn themselves into the 2-D characters they see. In China, there is even a huge group of fans who dress up like these characters and transform their looks using makeup.

Anastasiya loves transforming herself into anime characters too. With her amazing transformations, she has become Internet famous, following the steps of other Ukrainians Venus Angelic, Valeria Lukyanova, and Dakota Rose, who made headlines for being real-life Barbies.


Most people think that Anastasiya looks more like a Barbie doll. Although she takes it as a compliment, she says she wants to be known as the girl who looks like an anime character rather than being another Barnie lookalike.

The Russian beauty has set up a social account too, where she has her own tagline: “I am not like a doll, a doll is like me.”


Anastasiya was already fond of using makeup even when she was still a child. As she grew up, she started watching Japanese cartoons and got hooked to it. Then she started to use her makeup skills to turn herself into her favorite Japanese characters.


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