She Posts Both Natural And Edited Pics On Tinder …But What Happened Next is Surprising

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Men say they like the natural look, but is that really the truth? One woman decided to see what kind of reaction she would get if she posted an edited picture and a natural one.

Women think that when a man tells you he likes the natural look, it really means that you have to use professional makeup skills so you look makeup free, but entirely flawless. Technology allows women to look camera ready on their smartphones. There are apps can be downloaded, so your photos come out retouched to perfection.

A YouTuber decided to test whether men really like the flawless look or if it’s just women putting pressure on themselves. Alexa Mitchell, AKA Maican Girl, took three selfies and uploaded them unretouched to her Tinder profile. The twenty-two-year-old swiped right on 100 men and ended up with 16 matches.



Then, the beauty blogger uploaded the same pictures after they were retouched using the Relook app. She swiped right again on 100 men and waited for 5 hours. The result was 73 matches.

Her second round had four times her original matches. It’s difficult to argue with the evidence. There’s no word whether Michelle’s 200 swipes resulted in a date, but she probably didn’t meet with any of the guys from round two.

With a second-round result totaling over four times her original matches, it’s difficult to argue the evidence.

Watch the video to see the surprising results:

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