Size 28 Woman Who Has to Pay for Two Plane Seats for Her Frame Slims Down to Size 10


After losing 182 pounds (13 stone), Amber Rose now has the dream body she has always wanted. The 24-year-old from Harpenden, Hertfordshire, used to weigh 350 pounds, and she was left shocked and embarrassed when she was no longer able to fit into a standard airplane seat. She would have to book and pay for two seats for her large frame whenever she traveled.

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At size 28, she was so large, a stranger assumed she was pregnant. That spurred Amber to stop eating restaurant takeaways and fatty foods. She was able to trim down to a size 10, and she also spent over $11,000 US dollars on a tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin.


She joined Weight Watchers, and by doing more exercise, 5’11” Amber was totally transformed. She says she can’t wait to show off her figure on the beach.

Speaking of her former body, Amber, a personal assistant, said, “I had to buy two plane seats every time I went on holiday, it was costing me a fortune. I also needed a seatbelt extender to fit over my bulging stomach, I was so uncomfortable, but I couldn’t envision how I’d ever be any different. It was mortifying going away and instead of looking forward to holidays I would always dread them as getting on a plane was always humiliating. I felt like everyone would stare at me, and even when I got to these beautiful destinations I’d have to cover up my body because I was too ashamed.”


She didn’t think she was very big, but snacking on Maltesers and having at least three takeaways a week caught up with her. When her friend uploaded a photo of her at a buffet table, she was horrified to see how big she had gotten. She couldn’t believe it was her. She knew she was big, but she just didn’t realize how big.

After that jarring realization, she lost 14 pounds. Then a stranger went up to her and asked her how many months pregnant she was, and it was another humiliation to live through. She went on a low calorie diet and began light workout.


Amber now loves working out. The self-confessed gym junkie says she feels more confident than ever. After losing so much weight, Amber was left with 7 pounds of excess skin around her waist. So she started saving money for a tummy tuck, and last November, she was able to get her surgery.

Amber explains, “I felt so proud of myself after losing so much weight through hard work and making the right decisions but my weight loss had left me with so much excess skin. Instead of feeling lighter after the gym, I felt heavier as I was carrying 7 lbs of skin around my stomach.”

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