They Look Like Identical Twins but Live in Different Sides of the World with Different Parents


These two women look almost exactly the same. They were shocked to meet each other and even their boyfriends struggled to tell them apart. Maddy Renslow from Washington, USA, and Amber Eckhart from Perth, Australia, could not believe how similar they looked when they met in Hollywood.

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The lookalike women met and Amber, 23, decided to dye her hair purple to match 22-year-old Maddy’s. When their boyfriends arrived, they were amazed at how similar the women looked.

The two women found each other on, a Web site that matches doppelgangers from all across the world. They both initially thought the other person’s profile picture was a photo of them.

Maddy says that meeting Amber for the first time was like meeting her long-lost friend. They instantly connected.  Tito, who is Maddy’s boyfriend, was amazed at how much Amber and Maddy looked alike in person.

The women have similar mannerisms that were pointed out by others. They would sit or stand in the exact same position or do things at the same time. It was a bizarre connection.

Meeting Amber was life changing for Maddy. She says, “I was really nervous beforehand, but I am so glad I went through with it. I met some of the greatest people. I didn’t think I could be so sad about saying good-bye to people I had only known for a few days.”

Maddy works as a hairstylist while Amber is an administrative assistant. The twin strangers both also have tattoos and graduated from beauty school in the same year.

Amber says her boyfriend, Callum, was the one who saw the photos and although he saw a resemblance, seeing them together in person was mind-blowing. She says that she signed up to Twin Strangers, and after being on the site for a few months, Maddy signed up and matched her. She couldn’t believe it when she saw Maddy’s face.

When they matched, TwinStrangers e-mailed Amber and as the photo of Maddy was loading, Amber actually thought it was her own photo at first. She says, “The experience was unforgettable. It was really incredible to be able to meet my lookalike from the other side of the world.”

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