This Teen Started a Blog a Year Ago …Discover the Journey She Made to Overcome her Illness

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Amalie Lee, 20, has documented her recovery from anorexia. She has a blog that is there for anyone to read. She wants to help others who are suffering from eating disorders.

Amalie shared pictures of her body before and after the illness. She has 50,000 followers on Instagram. She is enrolled in a psychology and counseling course at Roehampton University in London.


She started suffering in 2012, but two years ago, she started therapy and medical monitoring at a hospital outpatient unit. She had to pass the initial risk of fatal refeeding syndrome, which occurs as a result of the reintroduction of nutrients to severely malnourished patients.

Once she jumped that hurdle, her metabolism increased so much that she would have night sweats and severe hunger pains.


Amalie is originally from Stravanger, Norway. She would have to consume 3,000 calories daily, while sedentary, just to gain 0.5 kg a week. In 2014, after researching her illness, she decided to start a blog to inform others about the struggle of dealing with an eating disorder.





Amalie says she was depressed in her mid-teens, and her self-perception was very low. She wanted to disappear. Her eating disorder was not about looking like a model, it was just her way of coping.

She made bizarre rules for herself about what she was allowed to eat, when, where, and even the utensil she should use.

The rules made her feel safe and in control. Her BMI was dropping dangerously low, and she knew that if she kept refusing recovery, she would end up in a hospital bed.


Amalie will not disclose her current weight because giving out the number could act as a trigger for others in recovery. The decision to choose recovery was not one moment. It was many things that added up that made her choose to be healthy.

She did not like to see the people around her worried, because she became more isolated as she was consumed by the illness.




She doesn’t want to be known as the anorexic girl. She got treatment and by spring of 2014, she was declared well, with regard to her weight, but it takes longer to recover mentally. She’s been at a stable weight with no major relapses since last year.

She educated herself and read studies on the mental and physical effects of starvation and recovery. She got in touch with others and learned a lot. Her followers on social media also understand what she has gone through.

With her Tumblr blog called “Letsrecover”, she is providing help, advice, and resources for everybody. There’s a lot she can share with those in recovery. She has many followers because she is candid and open about her struggle.

The blog is a recovery library open to anybody to read and see. Amalie posts healthy food pictures and motivational messages to counter the Web sites that promote anorexia. Amalie considers her followers her friends.

She has been documenting her recovery from the start, although she feels strange, looking at her old posts.

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