This Woman Has Eaten Nothing but Junk Foods for 18 Years but Still Has a Size 8 Body


Stowmarket, Suffolk, native Faye Campbell lives off junk foods ever since she was young. She eats nothing but this because she cannot tolerate other types of food.

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Even now that she’s already 23, Faye says that she only wants to eat pizza, chips, and cheeseburgers.

The young woman has not eaten any fruit or vegetable her whole life. Even the smell of it is unbearable for her. She shares that whenever she’s in the kitchen and her mom cooks something that has veggies as the ingredient, she always ends up leaving the room.

faye2 faye3

Faye was 5 when she developed a liking with the taste for potatoes, so she spent the next decade eating nothing but chips, crisps, and waffles. Her family has tried to convince her to eat something else, but Faye doesn’t budge and sticks to her rather unusual diet.


Everyone in the family sought ways to avert Faye’s attention from junk foods. Her sister, Lauren, even bribed her once. Her mom would also try to hide vegetables in her food, but none of them went unnoticed.


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