10 Unique and Innovative Treadmills That Will Make You Rethink Exercising

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If you have a personal fitness gym at home and you would like to get your own treadmill, you might like to know which are the coolest ones in the market. Check out your options below and see which one suits your needs best:

Treadmill on Wheels

Dutch design firm OOOMS designed the Speedy Rollator. It’s a treadmill on wheels with a special gear drive system to increase your walking efforts and pace. It may not look as trendy as a Segway, but it will still get you from one place to another quickly.

Human Hamster Wheel

An interactive treadmill called the Human Hamster Wheel lets runners hold on to handles that measure their heart rate, feet per second, and other health-related statistics.

Desk With A Treadmill

If you’ve ever wanted to take a stroll in the middle of your work day, your wish has been answered. The Sit-To-Walkstation allows you to sit, stand, or walk with one push of a button. This design combines a work desk with a treadmill, so you can take calls and do your work while exercising and staying fit.

Treadmill for Fish

Treadmills can be used by dogs, cats, and other pets. Metal worker Mick Madden from Huddersfield designed a goldfish walker so that he can bring his pets, Malcolm and Ethel, out for a walk.

Treadmill for Wall Climbers

You can climb up a wall and never get anywhere. The Treadwall has a climbing area that is four foot wide. You can adjust the angle from +5 to -20 degrees.

Treadmill with a TV

It can be hard to shed weight during the winter. Interactive treadmills with a TV screen are really innovative. Even though it is really expensive, it’s sure to be a hit with gym buffs.

Treadmill on a Hot Air Balloon

Rob Ginnivan ran a half marathon as a fundraiser for heart disease research. He put a treadmill in a hot air balloon and off he went over Canberra. It was a difficult run because of the limited space and the basket did not provide a flat surface.

Because of the basket would tilt, he was essentially running on an incline. Even though his right leg started cramping in the last two kilometers, he completed the run in 2 hours and 18 minutes. Having already run 18 marathons, Ginnivan’s biggest hurdle was being forced to take small strides.

Treadmill Under Water

Underwater training lets athletes train at a high level without putting stress on the joints or muscular points. It has been shown to improve strength and muscular and cardiovascular endurance. This is the latest improvement in performance training.

Treadmill as Advertising

There are a few marketing strategies that really stand out and Nike had one of them. The shoe company had an ad campaign to promote their treadmills.

In different cities in the world, they set up interactive billboards. The treadmill was available for anyone to use. For every recorded kilometer run, Nike donated to UNICEF.

Treadmill for the Pool

Exercising in the pool is always a good alternative to the gym. You can use a Pool Treadmill that generates a current to give you resistance while swimming. It’s available on Hammacher.com for $3,999.95.

It’s very easy to use. You just place it at the edge of your pool and you can choose different speeds for the current you want to generate. This gives a very good workout.

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