Why Bodybuilder Draws Negative Comments For Posting Transformation

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One Russian female bodybuilder has received a lot of criticism on social media after she posted pictures of herself, which showed she has completely transformed after a year of competing.

Aleksandra Rudenko, 24 years old, posted pictures before the start of the World Fitness Championship, showing her muscle-hardened body. Her social media audience was quick to respond and comment about her dramatic aging and graying hair, which they believe meant that she had destroyed her body.



The Internet trolls criticized her new appearance and questioned whether her desire to compete was worth the price of “ruining your body for.”

Look at the photos, and you can see the transformation that Aleksandra underwent. The most obvious change was in her hair color. She went from having long blond locks to long gray hair. Most of the people who saw her photos were shocked at how much she had aged.



Rudenko answered her critics, saying that the photos were taken in the middle of her preparation for her competition. She also said her hair was “as fine as it was before.” Her hard work paid off because she won 8th place at the World Fitness Championship in Budapest.



She competed against 500 other bodybuilders from around the world. She was glad to see how she compared to the world’s strongest athletes because she could see her mistakes more clearly.

There are other clues as to why Aleksandra changed dramatically in one year. She wrote about having problems with her gastrointestinal tract and continuous stress. She also received support from some people, with one saying, “You are in a great shape, take no notice of the haters.”

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