Woman Dropped from a Size 18 to Size 8 to Look Perfect for Second Wedding


On their wedding day, every bride wants to look like the best version of themselves. Some women go to extreme lengths to achieve this. Liz Kerslake, a 39-year-old from Plymouth, lost a whopping 70 pounds and dropped 5 dress sizes in an attempt to look her best for her big day.

She endured a calorie-restricted diet after a former partner called her fat and ugly.

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Now Liz is a svelte 119 pounds. Only two years ago, she was 190 pounds. It was during her first marriage that Liz began to gain weight.

Her husband criticized her looks, which inspired her to go to the gym, cut calories, and lose 56 pounds. That wasn’t all she lost too. She left her husband, and while she was going through her divorce, she met her new husband, Nick.

As her new relationship progressed, Liz stopped going to the gym and her weight started to climb back up. Before their summer wedding last year, she was on a mission to flatten her belly and fit into her form-fitting white gown.

Liz says she was determined to look her best. When they first got together, Nick and Liza would go to the gym four or five times a week. After a while, she began to get comfortable and stopped exercising. The weight came back, and she was worried she would look big on her wedding day.

Desperate to lose weight, Liz joined the National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic (NSCC) weight loss plan. One of her friends who had lost two stone told her about the local clinic.

When Nick proposed to her, it was all the motivation she needed to get back to exercising. They set a date for summer, and she had a goal. Within the first week of being on the NSC program, she saw results. Her good results kept her on track to continue the program.

Liz visited the clinic as part of the NSCC plan. She met with the manager Karina to discuss her goals and diet. It was hard to fit in gym time because of her work schedule, but a healthy diet and walking her dog Roxy served as daily exercise. She found that cutting out carbs really worked for her. She switched carb-heavy meals for protein-rich meals.

Now eight months after her wedding, she has managed to keep the weight off and she feels much healthier.

With the NSCC program, she has kept the weight off.The clinic still supports her with maintaining her weight loss and she feels happy to be part of their success stories.

She is now able to buy items straight off the rack, and that has done wonders for her confidence.

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