Woman Who Believes She Was a Fairy in Her Past Life Has Surgery to Get Elf Ears

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Many fans dress up as their favorite character in cosplays to live out their inner fantasy, but this woman is taking it a step further. Twenty-three-year-old Melynda Moon is such a big Lord of the Rings fan, she decided to go under the knife to look like a fairy.

In addition to that, Melynda, who changed her surname to Moon, is convinced that she used to be an actual fairy before reincarnating to a human in this life.

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The roughly $350 surgery involved skinning the top of her cartilage and shaping her ears to make it pointy. Despite it being excruciatingly painful,  Melynda was more than happy with the result.

“Pointed ears are the most adorable thing, and I find the elven attire is so elegant,” she told the Daily Mail.

“It was completely worth it. I have a handful of people assume I am dressed up because I have put on pointed ears,” the model from Guelph, Ontario, added.

Melynda dressed like a real life elf, taking inspiration from the characters in Lord of the Rings. She describes the aftermath of her drastic surgery as painful nonetheless, pointing out that she endured a burning sensation in addition to it being swollen.



Prior to her surgery last August 2011, Melynda had used Photoshop to get that pointed-ear look. She has been fascinated with the mythical creatures all her life, stating that she had taken inspiration from it to create makeup looks.

Aside from Lord of the Rings, Melynda is a fan of the game Legend of Zelda. She has a subdermal implant in her hand, which represents the game’s Triforce Symbol.

“I have always had fantasies about what it would be like to be something other than human, so I decided to change my appearance to look supernatural,” Melynda said of her unique look. “I will never go back to being human. Now I just lack the glitter and wings to fly.”

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